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We are a small (approx. 50 runners) friendly UK Athletics affiliated running club who meet at the East Christchurch Sports and Social Club, BH23 4JD for almost all club runs. Everyone is welcome, regardless of standard as our handicapping system enables everyone to be competitive at our club events. Our contact email is:

Our free Couch to 5k course (now in our 11th year) starts on Tuesday 16th April 2024 and will be at 18:00 on Tues & Thurs for 9 weeks contact us for further details.

The 2023 Christmas 10k race was cancelled, due to safety concerns resulting from significant flooding around the course. There are no plans for a Christmas 10k race in 2024

Calendar of Events

Monday social runs of approximately 5km start at 6pm from the club house in Grange Road. Non-members are welcome to contact the club for further details, or just turn up and see if this is for you.

Our Weds training events can be attended at 12:30pm (L-lunchtime) or 6pm (E-evening). Click here for Training Event Rules and Routes

Friday long runs (six per year) start from 12:30pm (staggered start)




Wed, 3 January

Monthly Race

(L) Craig M

(see Notes 1 & 4)

(E) Mary R

Wed, 10 January

Out & Back

(L) James K & Paul S

(E) Neil G

Wed, 17 January

Multi-value Laps

(L) Dominic P

(E) Julian S

Wed, 24 January

Meet & Part

(L) Graeme S

(Winter Course)

(E) Louise W & Kayleigh H

Wed, 31 January

Vital Lap

(L) Paul S

(E) Phil W

Wed, 7 February

Monthly Race

(L) Craig M

(see Notes 2 & 4)

(E) Mary R

Wed, 14 February

Pace Judgement

(L) Rose A*

(E) Helen G

Fri, 16 February

10k Race

Timer John F

(see Note 5)

Water - probably not needed

Wed, 21 February


(L) Julie & Julian D

(E) Naomi H & Sarah J

Wed, 28 February

Kiss & Part

(L) Paul S

(Winter Course)

(E) Jan W

Wed, 6 March

Monthly Race

(L) Craig M

(see Notes 3 & 4)

(E) Kayleigh H*

Wed, 13 March

Pace Judgement

(L) Mike & Caroline C 

(E) Julian S & Phil W

Fri, 15 March

10 Mile/ Half Marathon

Timer John F

(see Note 5)

Water - probably not needed

Wed, 20 March

5k Race

(L) Theresa H

(E) Dave S

Wed, 27 March

Mile Race

(L) Julie & Julian Davies

(E) Naomi H

Note 1: Mass Start, Normal way round

Note 2: Mass Start, Reverse way round

Note 3: Staggered Start, Normal way round

Note 4: Winter Route

Note 5: Give the Timer at least 24 hours notice you are going to run

* requests assistance with timing