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We are a small (approx. 60 runners) friendly running club who meet at the East Christchurch Sports and Social Club, BH23 4JD (mostly on Wednesdays - both lunchtime and evening) and also at local parkruns often wearing our clubwear


Everyone is welcome, no matter what your standard and our handicapping system enables everyone to be competitive at our club events. We also do a Couch to 5k course on Tues and Thurs evenings usually in April, but postponed this year.


We organise two local races, the Hoburne 5 (late Sept/early Oct) and the Christmas 10k.  Results of these and other external events in the Christchurch area are on Power of Ten. Upcoming local road races are on runbritain.

Please note that the current pandemic has prevented us holding the Hoburne 5 or Christmas 10k in 2020.

Club Events for the Quarter

We meet at ECSSC, BH23 4JD for all events.

Mondays is a social 5k run at 5:30pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

Wednesday (below) at 12:30pm (L) and 6pm (E)

Friday (below) from 12:30pm (staggered start)

Please note the above events have been temporarily suspended during the current pandemic.


A plan has been put together to restart social runs as the first step to resuming running club activities.  This will have to be done in a very different way to those previously, due to the Covid situation.  It is likely that club points events will not restart for the present.


Many of us have been running 5k routes alone or with our family, and it would be nice to share these routes with others at a set day and time.  Government guidance allows us to run in a group of up to 6, socially distanced, and this is endorsed by England Athletics.


We have put together a risk assessment for this activity which can be viewed on the Members Area of this website.


As a first step, we would like to offer a choice of social runs in different areas, coordinated by a 'leader', in groups of up to 6.  These runs will have to be pre-booked by runners to ensure the group does not exceed the maximum 6 allowed. Each of these runs will start either outside a runner's home or from a public area with parking. 


The runs will be approximately 5k and will be run at the pace of the slowest runner, preferably in quiet areas that will allow distancing between ourselves and other members of the public, and avoiding surfaces such as gates that need to be touched.


Key points to note:

  • Any runner with potential Covid symptoms should not participate on a run, and should notify Christchurch Runner's Covid 19 Coordinator - Tracy L
  • There will be a maximum of 6 runners on a social run - this will be enforced.
  • Pre booking directly with the run leader is necessary to ensure the size of the groups
  • Social distancing will need to be observed during the run and pre- and post-run
  • Please bring your own drinks
  • There will be no changing facilities available
  • Car sharing should not take place
  • There will be limited access to first aid during the run because of contact issues; run leaders should ensure there is at least one mobile phone in the group in case of needing to summon help

Further info of leaders contact details and meeting points can be found in the club email messages.

(Run leaders - please send a club email to all when your run is full).

          Note: all participants must have familiarised themselves with the

                              club COVID-19 risk assessment